Passion in Venice at the Museum of Biblical Art

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Curators Bill Barcham and Catherine Puglisi discuss the exhibition “Passion in Venice: Crivelli to Tintoretto and Veronese,” on view at the Museum of Biblical Art. The show presents works on a central theme in Christian Art: Christ as Man of Sorrows. Drawn from national and international loans, "Passion in Venice" includes works in different media, including illuminated manuscripts, paintings, prints, sculpture, and liturgical objects.

Jacopo Tintoretto, <em>Christ Mocked</em>, c.1548–1549
Jacopo Tintoretto, Christ Mocked, c.1548–1549

Oil on canvas, 35 × 34.48 in.
Inscribed: i. tentoretto.f.

( Private Collection )
Paolo Veronese, <em>The Dead Christ Supported by Angels</em>, 1563–1565
Paolo Veronese, The Dead Christ Supported by Angels, 1563–1565

Oil on canvas 87 × 98.6 in.

( National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, inv. 3336 )
Carlo Crivelli, <em>Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels</em>, c.1470–1475
Carlo Crivelli, Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels, c.1470–1475

Tempera and tooled gold on panel, 27.95 × 18.58 in.

( Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia/John G. Johnson Collection, 1917, Pma acc. cat. 158 )
Leandro Bassano (1557–1622), <em>The Dead Christ with Angels</em>, c.1580
Leandro Bassano (1557–1622), The Dead Christ with Angels, c.1580

Oil on canvas, 48.54 × 37.99 in.

( Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH, cma 1916.806/Laura P. Hall Memorial Fund, 75–241 )
Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) after Alonso Cano (1601–1667) <em>Dead Christ</em>, 1882–1890
Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) after Alonso Cano (1601–1667) Dead Christ, 1882–1890

Graphite pencil, watercolor, on wove paper; 4.88 × 4.56 in.
Inscribed (along right side): “Soccio, 7 rue/Maître albert”

( Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia/Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg, 1987, inv. 1987-53-34b )
Anonymous German or Northern sculptor, <em>Memento Mori</em>, mid-sixteenth century
Anonymous German or Northern sculptor, Memento Mori, mid-sixteenth century

Boxwood, height 11.4 cm (4.3 in.); with figure released and standing, approx. 7.87 in.

( Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Legion of Honor/Gift of Albert C. Hooper, inv. no. 41751 )
Anonymous Veneto goldsmith, <em>Hexagonal Pyx, with the Man of Sorrows as the lid handle</em>, 1474
Anonymous Veneto goldsmith, Hexagonal Pyx, with the Man of Sorrows as the lid handle, 1474

Gilt silver, 12.99 x 4.92 in.
Inscribed: div o / jesu chr / unig en / dei f / optimo maxi mo / deodatus / an sal / mcccclxxiiii / klivl

( Museo Diocesano, Treviso )
Cristoforo Solari (fl. 1489–1524), attributed to, <em>Man of Sorrows</em>, c.1500
Cristoforo Solari (fl. 1489–1524), attributed to, Man of Sorrows, c.1500

Marble, 26.57 × 12.59 in.

( Art Institute, Dayton, OH/ Museum purchase with funds provided by the 1971 Associate Board Art Ball and the Virginia V. Blakeney Endowment, 1970.29 )