Men Bare Their Emotions For The Camera In 'I Love My Woman'

Men don’t talk about love.  That’s one of the myths filmmaker Otis Kriegel set out to disprove when he spent three years asking men on the streets of New York the question:  “Why do you love your woman? He compiled the results into a 12-minute short film “I Love My Woman” showing at the New Jersey Film Festival this weekend, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Kriegel says the film was inspired by his relationship with his own wife, and by the lack of spaces for men to express feelings of love and affection. He also says that men don’t have to wait until Valentines Day to appreciate the women in their lives. "What I hope this gets across is every day needs to be Valentines Day, and that men need to express these things every day of the year...and multiple times during the day."

'I Love My Woman' is showing Sunday at the New Jersey Film Festival, and at the New York City Downtown Film Fest on February 24.