The Donald: Trump in 2012?

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The Donald might be ready for the big time. 

The billionaire and reality-show star flirted with a presidential run on Thursday, to much applause from a crowd of assembled conservatives gathered for the three-day Conservative Political Action Conference convention. He took the stage mugging and waving, his steps in time with the O’Jays “For the Love of Money.”

Trump spoke of his entrepreneurial skills, looking rather vivid in his bright blue tie, golden-orange tan and straw yellow hair. “I’m known for my candor, I’ve had a lot of great victories, and I may be willing to put that to work.”

Though he said he wished that there was “a candidate I saw that would be fantastic, because I love what I’m doing, in fact I have a great club that’s just fifteen minutes away,” his concern that “the United States has become a whipping post” was leading him toward a run for president. 

He put modesty aside to tell the crowd, “Over the years I have participated in many battles, and have really almost come out very, very victorious every single time... I have fairly, but intelligently, earned many billions of dollars.” Even more applause and some boos followed his remark that “By the way, Ron Paul cannot get elected. I’m sorry to tell you.” Trump shrugged and smiled, looking not very sorry at all. “He has zero chance of getting elected.” he clarified. 

Trump, who has in the past donated to both Republican and Democratic candidates, has said he will decide by June whether to run.



Where the Trump-ster stands on the issues:

Taxing and Spending

“If I decide to run, I will not be raising taxes. We’ll be taking in hundreds of billions of dollars from other countries that are screwing us."

Life as a Successful Person

“This is war. Life is pleasant, but it can be war.”

President Barack-Somebody-or-Another

“Our current president came out of nowhere, out of nowhere! The people who went to school with him, they ever saw him, they don’t know who he is! Crazy! He didn’t go into wars, he didn’t go into battles, he didn’t have enemies all over the place, nobody knew who the hell he was!”

Foreign Policy

“I’m a big buyer of products. And so many of those products unfortunately come from China… Their currency is so low it is almost impossible to compete. Worse than China, worse than everyone, OPEC. They are truly ripping us off.”

He also said of the Somali pirates “give me one good admiral and we’d blast them out of the water so fast!” Presumably with Trump at the helm.


Trump is an opponent of abortion rights. "I am pro-life."


“I’m against gun control.”

Gay Marriage

Trump defended Carrie Prejean’s homophobic comments on "opposite marriage" in the Miss USA pageant, comparing her to Barack Obama as giving an answer "from her heart." The pro-marriage-equality group, Yes on Gay Marriage, responded with a press release: Yes on Gay Marriage to Trump: "You're Fired!"

Healthcare Reform

Trump believes that “Obamacare” is not friendly to business and will bankrupt the country (and the man knows bankruptcy — remember the Trump Shuttle and his Taj Mahal casino?)


Full disclosure: I am the proud owner of an autograph that I made my reluctant but doting mother get for me when I was a kid. It reads: "You have a very attractive mother. Donald Trump"