McMillan Brings the Funk for Mitch Daniels

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If it wasn’t charming and weird, well, it wouldn’t be Jimmy McMillan.

The perennial political candidate and smooth funk master Jimmy McMillan, of the “Rent is Too Damn High” party, now stars in an ad for another candidate eyeing a run: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

McMillan appears in the ad to rescue two preppy Yale students who just can’t think of a good slogan for Daniels. “The deficit,” he announces, looking dapper as ever in his black leather gloves and sculpted facial hair, “is too damn high!”

McMillan doesn’t actually plug Daniels, but instead is characteristically passionate and slightly confusing about the country’s economic situation. 

“Now wait a minute! The deficit is too damn high. You’ve got a president just throwing money away. Alabama, here, take this. Florida, take that. Hold your hand out. Catch a nickel or catch a dime! Americans are being treated like Third World people. The deficit is too damn high! Old people can’t get Social Security. Grandma, I love you, but no! This is America.”

Daniels has not announced whether he will run, but is scheduled to appear tonight at the CPAC conference. 

McMillan had mentioned making a run for the White House himself, but hasn’t officially declared candidacy. His website is soliciting campaign volunteers, however. Should he throw his hat in the ring, it will certainly keep things entertaining.  And funky.