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Witty Women Take Center Stage

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Take a break from arguing whether Colin Firth or Matthew McFayden was the hotter Mr. Darcy. You can get a huge dose of Jane Austen love at the Morgan Library.

The Library owns a third of the letters Jane Austen wrote, and the exhibit "A Woman's Wit" showcases them. Whether for the sake of artistry or austerity, Austen made sure to cover every square inch of the page, giving many of the letters the look of abstract art. In some cases she created elaborate cross hatchings, with script going across and up and down the page.  Watch the audio slide show narrated by Declan Kiely (who co-curated the show with Clara Drummond) to learn more.

More Witty Women:

* At the Whitney: The Alice Guy Blaché film series continues through December with screenings of her early comedies.

* At the UCB Theater: Comedienne Maeve Higgins brings her Irish wit to Chelsea.

* At Joes Pub: Burlesque stars Anita Cookie and Clams Casino return to the stage with a new Christmas show. This year they use their wits to remix the album A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector.