Wave of Change: Protesters Gain New Stamina; A Lifetime Under Mubarak; Egypt's Restless Youth

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This is the seventh edition of Wave of Change, a special podcast from The Takeaway, covering the mass protests in Egypt and the consequences for the wider Arab world, hosted by John Hockenberry with Celeste Headlee.

In this episode, we get the latest from Cairo, where anti-government protesters have been buoyed; a "face in the crowd" interview with protester Ahmed el Gaddar, who, at 30 years old, has lived his entire life under the Mubarak regime; Tarik Yousef, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and author of "Generation in Waiting: The Unfulfilled Promise of Young People in the Middle East," on the disconnect between Egyptian youth and their leaders; and, in an excerpt from this morning's Takeaway, former deputy prime minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim on what lessons Southeast Asia's Muslim democracies can offer Egypt.