The Relationship Between Islam and Democracy

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His face painted in the national colors, anti-government protester Mamoud Tariq, 13, attends a demonstration in Tahrir Square on February 7, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.
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On the fifteenth day of pro-democracy protests in Egypt, an assessment of Islam and democracy; meanwhile, Kuwaitis stage their own protests, which are expected to be markedly different from others in the Middle East; a conversation with two Sudanese people living in the U.S. who plan on returning home when southern Sudan becomes its own country this July; comparing Donald Rumsfeld's memoir to a new novel about the former Secretary of Defense; the story of a humanitarian worker who spent 36 hours in captivity in Cairo; a look at financial literacy in the U.S.; and, the Transportation Nation documentary "Back of the Bus" looks at transportation as a civil right in America.