Special Guest: Neil Gaiman

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Kurt Andersen talks with Neil Gaiman about writing the new film Mirrormask, produced by the Jim Henson Company. Gaiman shares his insights from raising teenage daughters, and describes what it’s like to work in the Henson family home, where old Muppets are put to rest in the laundry room.

Neil Gaiman is a legend in the comics world for his Sandman series published by DC, about a dysfunctional family of immortals. His fiction includes the bestseller American Gods, Neverwhere (which began as a television series for the BBC), Stardust, and Coraline, his award-winning children's novel. Anansi Boys is his new novel. He wrote the screenplay for Mirromask, the first feature directed by Dave McKean. Born and raised in England, Gaiman now lives near Minneapolis.