Tough Times

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Tarek Osman gives us an update from Cairo on the reaction to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepping down. The documentary series "Brick City" examines all aspects of life in Newark, New Jersey. We’ll talk to the show’s creators and a former gang member profiled in the series, as well as his lawyer. Then, Humphrey Bogart’s biographer discusses the enduring appeal of the iconic tough-guy actor. Patty Culhane, Al Jazeera English's Washington Correspondent, talks about the mood in Washington and President Obama's reaction. Also, Liz Canner talks about her new documentary "Orgasm Inc.," about the pharmaceurical industry’s attempts to come up with a female equivalent of Viagra. Plus, David Sanger, New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent, joins us to discuss what he expects President Obama to say in reaction to events in Egypt.