Cheap Chinatown Buses May Have to Designate Stops

Cheap Chinatown buses that serve the Northeast may soon have official pick-up and drop-off points throughout the city.

State Senator Daniel Squadron, who introduced the bill Friday, said he is concerned about safety. 

"The streets of Chinatown shouldn't be the wild, wild West," Squadron said from a street corner in Chinatown. "This is an opportunity for both the bus companies and the passengers and also for the community."

Some bus company representatives said ticket prices -- which can run $15 one way between New York and Boston -- may have to go up if the bill passes. But David Wang, president of Eastern Coachways, said he welcomed the proposed new rules.

"I think it's the best thing," Wang said. "if we have some space for loading and unloading people, it's good for everyone."

New York City Department of Transportation spokesman Seth Solomonow said the bill's passage would be a positive development.