The Mix: Cairo, Cuts, and Coughs

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There's no doubt we could devote the entirety of this week's Mix to developments in Egypt. This was an historic week, and on WNYC several guests and callers - and President Obama - echoed the importance of the moment. But...let's not get completely carried away. So we've also included some of the big news closer to home, too. Andrew Cuomo's budget presentation was a stark reminder of New York's State's fiscal crisis, and Mayor Bloomberg came out guns blazing in advance of the speech, claiming that the state's education funding formulas could lead to massive teacher layoffs. But Bloomberg also took on public employee unions this week too, painting an either/or scenario when it comes to retaining workers versus meeting pension obligations. And, finally, New York continued to add public health regulations to the books, voting to ban smoking in public parks, plazas, and other outdoor areas.

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