Remember Us Unto Life

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

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"Remember Us Unto Life" takes the form of a conversation between Rabbi Ismar Schorsch and host Larry Josephson, a secular Jew who wants to know more about the religion of his grandparents. Josephson asks simple questions. Rabbi Schorsch responds in ways that are accessible but sophisticated and historically accurate. Rabbi Schorsch talks about the history, liturgy and meaning in our time of these ancient holidays, the most solemn on the Jewish calendar. The conversation is illustrated and elevated with music of the High Holidays.

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Abraham Moses son of Michael from NNJ

A panel or series of speakers/respondents would be more interesting, informative, and, in fact, representative of the reality of Jewish observance. The world of Jewish observance is so varied, this is a very narrow perspective, and thus much less interesting and engaging.

Sep. 16 2012 06:53 PM
Maria from Bergen Co. NJ

I was surprised that all the songs and music were the traditional cantorial stuff, nothing like the contemporary singing in which everyone joins in which we do in my synagogue, and I know the local orthodox synagogue and chabad all have lots of singing and none of that stuff...... No Sefardic music or traditions mentioned either. The program reminded me of the celebration of the holidays of 50 years ago. And the views expressed by Rabbi Schorch were all very much only one perspective, no inclusiveness of different approaches to Jewish belief.

Oct. 07 2011 02:29 PM

"Pick you evil guy--Nixon, Saddam Hussein, whoever," Larry Josephson said a few minutes ago. What a horrible comment!! It's charming that he wants to learn about his roots, but he needs to be corrected for making such an offensive comparison. There's no justification for it, in any context, even in an offhand way. I hope it's unnecessary to elaborate on why.

Oct. 06 2011 08:29 PM
WNYC Programming

You can hear the full program again at this site:

Oct. 03 2011 03:13 PM
Shane from Upper Westside

I would like to hear this conversation again as I only heard part of it. Is there a link I can follow to listen to it?

Oct. 03 2011 07:14 AM

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