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Money, Power, and the Egypt Protests

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Give up the romantic notions you have about Egypt becoming a democracy. Seriously, grow up my friends and smell the baklava. The unrest in Egypt isn’t for a democratic government. The unrest in Egypt is spurred by the monied military class which is seeing its wealth shrink globally while all the other operations within the country still move at full tilt. The Suez Canal operations continue unabated this year, but Egypt’s profits on their exports have declined. The Egyptian monied military class (heretofore mentioned as MC’s to give them some Hip-Hop street credibility) wants a facelift. Forget your romantic notions about students and plebians organizing this unrest. That is pure fantasy.

The Middle East region is the most overtly militaristic part of this planet. Let me add that Africa on a whole is totally in the throes of machine gun governmentalism, but the Middle East is simply the concentrate while the larger continent is the freshly squeezed version. It’s always the MC’s which start these social upheavals. Look at Julius Caesar. Senators had him killed because they wanted more money, not because Caesar was a tyrant. Egypt’s wealthy are unhappy with all the money, and subsequently status, they are losing in this global recession. Egypt doesn’t want to end up in the tourist attraction bargain bin that Greece is in. So now the generals have been called in to allow the ouster of the leader who has been in place for three decades.

Wasn’t it the MC’s who allowed the assassination of former president Sadat? Not Sadat X the emcee, from the Black Nationalist Muslim-referencing rap group Brand Nubian, but the other Sadat, who kind of made the name famous in the first place. Excuse me if that appears to be a conspiracy theory inference, but Anwar Sadat was in fact killed by people with guns and grenades (military) who also had a whole lot of access to the heads of state (money). We in America love western movies about justice so we are imagining the unrest in Egypt to be their live action True Grit. Wake up and smell the butter flavored popcorn, people. Egypt doesn’t want our democracy, or our relationship with Israel. From the outside looking in,  the media coverage has been telling lies to our vision. But that is the inherent job of television, anyhoo isn’t it?

Egypt’s MC’s are simply using the students to appear to foment the movement. That is the facade. The same people living off $2 a month at the beginning of the year will still be living off $2 a month come December. Meanwhile, the west will be blamed for the impoverished conditions throughout Egypt. The Arab lords will continue to shuttle the disaffected, disenfranchised, despairing students off to Yemen or Libya to have them trained and brainwashed in jihadist rhetoric. There really isn’t anything America can do to assuage the angry people in the Middle East. Israel isn’t moving back to Germany and the Netherlands aren’t diminishing their profit margin in oil. So what is there left to say?

People rarely consider that revolution is just that. Revolving around a central point and winding up in the same place. The only thing that has lapsed is time. This is why I know it isn’t students organizing these uprisings, well maybe that one in China, but otherwise it’s always the monied military class who is fretting about the status of their wealth, and definitely not the health of the common folks. Students are thinkers and dreamers. Students would prefer an evolution to a revolution. How about a higher way of thinking and living? Egypt is having a revolution. Which means we’ll be having this same discussion again in the near future.

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