Bloomberg: Cuomo's Budget 'Will Hurt All Parts of the City'

Mayor Bloomberg kept up pressure on Governor Cuomo on Wednesday, saying the newly elected executive's budget will cost the city more than a billion dollars in education aid, and force the city to layoff "thousands" of workers.

"The cut for education is $1.4 billion no matter how you phrase it," said Bloomberg at a City Hall press conference, rebuffing comments made by the governor's staff that the city's loss was smaller. 

"Revenue cutting is another $300 million. That gets you up to $1.7. And then there's going to be cost and shifts in human services in other areas," said Bloomberg. "That gets you over $2 billion."

(The original $1.4 billion cut, according to Bloomberg aides, is from the state rescinding an earlier commitment to send about $800 million to the city, on top of the $579.7 million in education funding already sent for this year.) 

The mayor — who earlier this morning published an op-ed in the New York Daily News criticizing the budget — said New York City was uniquely burdened by Cuomo's budget.

"If you cut 57 counties by 2 percent, you should cut back our counties by 2 percent," Bloomberg said. "Cutting New York [City] a hundred percent when everyone else is 2 percent is hardly fair."

The result of all these cuts will be "thousands of layoffs and it will hurt all parts of the city," said the mayor. "Every agency is going to get hurt."

A reporter at the press conference — which was about a new anti-housing fraud initiative the city was introducing — questioned the mayor's comments about Cuomo's cuts leading to "thousands" of layoffs for New York City, and asked if Bloomberg was crying "wolf" since earlier threats about layoffs never came to fruition. 

"We're not going to cry wolf if the governor can help us get some of these things that won't cost the state a dime, but will let us come up with other fundraising sources," said the mayor.

The state budget is due April 1. Bloomberg is scheduled to deliver his preliminary budget on February 17.