#3166: Visual Music

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Philip Glass’s opera “Kepler,” about the German astronomer and mathematician who identified the elliptical orbits of our solar system, was written expressly for Landestheater Linz and Linz09. Glass based his compelling and complex score on the astronomer’s conviction that “without genuine knowledge life is dead.”   On this New Sounds, we’ll hear selections from “Kepler” along with music from the Alloy Orchestra.  

We'll listen to the three folks who make up the Alloy Orchestra from their a collection of scores, "Silents," including a piece from the classic vampire film "Nosferatu" and "Lost World."  Hear Alloy Orchestra’s found percussion and more at the World Financial Center at this year's New Sounds Live Silent Film Series,  Wednesday-Friday, February 2-4, 2011.

PROGRAM #        3166, Visual Music   (First aired on 2-1-11)                         





Philip Glass / Dennis Russell Davies / Landstheater Linz


Prologue [6:45]

Orange Mountain Music  OMM0071
Due out February 8, 2011

Alloy Orchestra


Lost World: Into the Amazon [4:24]
Nosferatu: Lust [3:58]

Accurate #5026
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Mikel Rouse

International Cloud Atlas

How I Stayed Blind [11:05]

This and other Mikel Rouse CDs are available as downloads from iTunes, or check www.mikelrouse.com for more info.

William Brittelle

Television Landscape

Dunes of Vermillion [4:32]

New Amsterdam Records www.newamsterdamrecords.com

Philip Glass / Dennis Russell Davies


Epilogue [6:09]

See above.

Pauline Oliveros

Crone Music

Crone Music, excerpts, for extended accordion  [11:00]

Lovely Music 1903