Update from the Streets of Cairo

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New York Times reporter Kareem Fahim gives us an update on the latest unrest and today's massive protests from Cairo, Egypt.


Kareem Fahim

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Herb E from NYC

Encourge the President & members of Congress to change the nature of the aid to Egypt from military credits to economic and social credits. This is a win for America, a win for American allies in the area, and a win for Egypt. The massive military buildup in Egypt is destabilizing. With the acknowledged precarious nature of Egypt's government and the ever-present danger of its growing fundamentalist movement (Brotherhood), it is far more in America's interest to attend to the political, social, and economic needs of the Egyptian people so our country can help create a less desperate situation.

The economic impact to America is neutral, since the money comes in the form of credits to buy US goods. It would be better to let the Egyptian people buy our cars, our computers, our construction equipment, and other American goods. This policy would encourage peace and a more stable Egypt. It would also produce demand for American products beyond the scope of foreign aid.

Feb. 07 2011 09:22 AM
Frank from Rockaway NJ

Does anyone give George bush any credit for giving the idea of democracy in the region and the taking down of dictators?

Feb. 01 2011 01:44 PM
wu from brooklyn

you can't plan EVERY step
just do it
that's what happens during revolution
the people will take care of themselves when they are united as they are now and know what they want, what they do not want.

it is not logical to comment what Mubarak has done for the country economically because there is nothing to compare it to. He had absolute power, who is to say that someone else, not a tyrant, would have done anything different, morever, better for the country.

Feb. 01 2011 01:26 PM


Any idea as to how are expats from saudi a, china, vietnam, etc. reacting, perhaps in observing a popular uprising for the first time in their lives?

Feb. 01 2011 12:07 PM
George from Bay Ridge

Mr. Lopate should mention that you can watch live streaming coverage of al Jazeera English live on YouTube.

Feb. 01 2011 11:52 AM

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