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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Lawrence Pintak, author of The New Arab Journalist: Mission and Identity in a Time of Turmoil, talks about his new book, and the role of Arab journalists in the recent uprisings in Egypt and elsewhere.

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Lawrence Pintak

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Comments [1]


(guest:) What is the relationship between Democracy, and (UN-defined) Human Rights, and is this explored by the arab press?

When a new leader comes to power in an Arab country, is there a responsibility for Arab journalists to scrutinize treaties made with ousted governments and either 1. fortify their sanctity, under the civil rule of law or 2. question their very validity, since these treaties (such as the 1979 peace for land with Israel) were made between Israel and a currently unpopular "regime"?

The American press seems unwilling to dig any harder regarding Egypt's current turmoil than to react to each development, usually with a knee-jerk pride in Democracy in action (myself included, I'll admit).


is the Arab press willing to walk through the negative half of what could happen next? As Syria exploits Lebanon, as Hamas exploits Palestine, as Iran exploits Iraq, the line seeking to exploit Egypt, in the name of Islam and under the banner of Democracy, will be long indeed, reaching from Saudi Arabia to China! And it seems almost too easy for such powers to move their chess pieces. Is this discussed and if so in what forums?

Feb. 01 2011 09:34 AM