Man Eats Sugar: Health Department's Latest Grossed-Straight Video

The people who brought New York the arresting images of a woman whose fingers were amputated because of a crippling nicotine addiction and the folks who showed how effortlessly soda turns into fat have unleashed a new grossed-straight video.

The Department of Health is continuing the "Pouring on the Pounds" campaign with brand-new ads in the subway and a new video segment (below). The campaign is a reminder to New Yorkers how quickly they can consume 93 packets of sugar a day through sweetened teas, soda and coffee flavored drinks.

"This new campaign shows how easy it is to drink a staggering amount of sugar in one day without realizing it," the department said.

The city health commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley, said sugary beverages are the leading cause of the country's obesity epidemic.

"Obesity and the serious health consequences that result are making hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers sick or disabled," Farley said.

The Department of Health said Americans consume 200 to 300 more calories every day than they did 30 years ago, and that these extra calories come from sugary beverages. A recent survey also found that 1.9 million New Yorkers drink at least one soda a day. The health department suggests milk, unsweetened tea and seltzer water would be a better alternative.