Summer Fun in the Dead of Winter Doldrums

The city may be under a blanket of snow -- but it's summer in Soho.

The organizers behind at OpenHouse gallery have created a pop-up indoor park complete with the sound of birds chirping, the woody aroma of trees and warm temperatures to melt away New Yorkers' winter blues.

"I came here on the advice of my boss, who told us we were going for a picnic in the park for lunch. I thought that was a terrible idea, but it turned out to have been an excellent idea," Jack Shepard, 32, of Brooklyn said.

The Park Here exhibit features special lighting, a pond and tree murals that have been designed to simulate an outdoor park.

"It's just interesting if you're not from the city, this is sort of a weird thing to have an indoor park, but it's really cool and you don't see it everyday," Molly Fabbri, 18, of Manhattan said.

Park Here is free and open daily from 11to 6 p.m. until this Sunday. Visit their Facebook page for more details.