11:20 A. M. - Making the wheels go Around - Mrs. Marie W. Anderson.

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1936 Christmas Seal

Marie W. Anderson, Campaign Director for the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association, and her “Making the Wheels Go ”˜Round” Christmas Stamp fundraiser campaign is introduced, but cut short.

Marie W. Anderson resumes her segment, describing her hobby: searching for old stagecoaches and stagecoach wheels, remarking on their relative scarcity since the advent of the automobile. A history of the wheel and horse-drawn transportation, at much length, is related.

Anderson cites her hobby as the inspiration for the 1931 New York Tuberculosis and Health Association’s Christmas letter (Christmas card) decorative stamp fundraiser campaign. The accomplishments and goals of the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association are described in order to encourage people to purchase fundraiser Christmas stamps. Anderson also remarks that it is nearly impossible to find a properly trained matched pair of stagecoach horses, serviceable antique stagecoaches, tack and livery since the relatively recent introduction of the automobile.

Roland Weber reminds listeners of postage regulations and related instructions for Christmas mail, emphasizing that Christmas Stamps like those from the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association will not pay for delivery by the U. S. Postal Service.

Frequent, severe transmission-noise problems.

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