Off With "The Sing-Off"

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It turns out that Fox’s hit musical comedy "Glee" was primetime TV’s gateway drug to a cappella.

NBC's "The Sing-Off" ended last night.  Kudos to the winners aside (congrats to Nota), if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from a week of this show, it’s that matching fluorescent outfits and coordinated dance moves do no favors to a cappella music.  Distracting, disturbing, and just plain da-da-da-dumb.

I get my a cappella fix from the fantastic Sonos — six singers out of LA who soup up their sound with the sly use of electronic effect pedals.

Hear their killer cover of Björk’s “Joga” live in Studio 360 earlier this year

And lest you think I’m down on reality-vaudeville shows, I’m counting down the days until the January 28th premiere of "America’s Best Dance Crew #5."  (Beat Freaks forever!)