Painting with Light

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I was lucky enough to be a fly on the wall for Kurt's interview with David Hockney last week. It was a revelation to hear him talk about his way of seeing. And I was surprised to learn that he has started painting on his iPhone, using the 'Brushes' application, to 'paint' lovely little pictures that he then sends off to his friends.

Hockney has a history of successful experiments with new technology. He went into a faxing frenzy during the 1980's, sending an entire show to the Sao Paolo Biennale in Brazil via the machine. Earlier this year he had an exhibition of work executed on his computer using Photoshop and Graphics Tablet.  But I think the works on his iPhone are especially surprising and delightful.


In fact, I was so thrilled and inspired that I’ve decided to take the leap: henceforth, I will be a Touch Phone painter.


Have you made any art on your iPhone?  We want to see it!   Please post a link to your image in the Comments section.