Squara Meets Squier

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Even if you don't know it, you've probably already heard the music of Orba Squara. The New York City-based singer-songwriter Mitch Davis' one-man band is responsible for the effervescent tune featured in the iPhone commercials that have been blanketing the airwaves for the last couple of years. The song is called 'Perfect Timing (This Morning),' and it's one of many tracks from Orba's debut album that have popped up in unexpected places.


Davis usually handles all of the instruments in his songs by himself, including the toy pianos, sitar, and glockenspiel, but when it came to laying down some of the guitar parts and vocals on his new album, The Trouble With Flying, he was lucky enough to enlist his childhood hero, Billy Squier. The 80's rock god appears on two new Orba Squara tracks, including 'Tell Me.'

Here's Davis performing a solo acoustic version when he visited Studio 360.

Billy Squier was Davis' first concert -- a show at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum. Over twenty years later, it all came full circle when Orba Squara opened for Squier at a recent Long Island show. And there's one more twist to the story -- Davis is currently at work in the studio collaborating on some new material for Squier's next release.

Here's the story of how these two musicians found each other :

The Trouble With Flying goes on sale October 27.