Name that building: revealed!

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This afternoon, Leital and I were hitting up some souvenir shops when we spotted this building across the river.  We were just as surprised when we found out what company it represents.

Any guesses?



Indeed, it is the Asahi Breweries HQ.

Our pal here says that the French architect actually planned 3 gold flames, all sticking straight up.  But Tokyo nixed that plan -- not earthquake safe.  (Speaking of which, word has it we had a small one yesterday evening, though I didn't feel it.)  However, one flame blowing horizontally has been quite enough to make the building famous.  Of course, it also has its share of not-so-nice nicknames... which I'll let you imagine (or post!) yourself.  No comment here, except that I give the beer a thumbs-up!

- Jenny Lawton