Crush of Commuters Max Out MTA Website

The MTA's Web site was inaccessible many commuters who tried to log on Thursday morning to find out about storm-related mass transit disruptions but were unable to load the site.

The system was maxed out, the MTA said, and became overloaded when more than 500,000 users simultaneously tried to access the site Thursday to see if the 19 inches of snow dumped on the city overnight had affected their commutes.

Bus service was suspending citywide and only a handful of subway lines were running without incident this morning.

Nearly twice as many users accessed the site Thursday than did during the December 26 blizzard.  A maximum of 270,000 people attempted to log on during the 2010 blizzard.

The MTA said they were a "victim of their own success," according to spokesman Jeremy Soffin.

He said the MTA is planning to have an "interim bump-up" in capacity within a month and are in the process of hiring a contractor to increase the site's capacity.