Parents Weigh School Phase-Out During Hearing

Parents wrangled over the proposal to phase out MS 571 in Prospect Heights and replace it with a charter school during a standing-room only hearing Monday night in the auditorium of PS 9, which shares a building with the middle school.

The school is among those that are being considered by the Panel for Education Policy for phase-outs or reconfigurations. The Panel will vote on February 1 and 3.

PS 9 parent Renee Mintz was among those who attended the hearing to protest that adding another middle school, saying the addition will squeeze the schools.

"Just having a third school, period, whether they're charter or public, having a third school in this enclosed space is going to be chaotic," Mintz said. 

But Brooklyn East Collegiate parents like Carolyn Sealy said all three schools can fit in the building and get along.

"I just feel that with the decision to have everybody work together, I think that can work," Sealy said. "The collaboration can work. I'm just seeing that everything would be positive because we're all for the children."

Maura Walz is a reporter for