One Million New Yorkers Are Unrepresented in Albany

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After Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson was convicted on bribery charges Monday, his seat became the 11th vacancy at the New York State legislature.

That means over 1 million people in the state are without representation at the statehouse.

In this interview, reporter Karen DeWitt said the issue is affecting people all over the state, and Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has to call for special elections, has no plans to do so. "If there are no special elections, all those vacancies will continue until January, because there will be no elections until November," she said. "That is a whole year without representation for these people."

Vacant Assembly and Senate districts:

AD 113 Saratoga Springs

AD 134 Greece

AD 143 Cheektowaga

AD 54 Brooklyn

AD 59 Brooklyn

AD 60 Brooklyn

AD 77 Bronx

AD 79 Bronx

AD 98 Warwick

SD 20 Brooklyn

SD 8 Long island