Creativity, Culture, and Misconceptions in Modern China

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We hear a lot of negative messages about culture and creativity in modern China. We hear about censorship and a lack of free speech, about internet restrictions (no Facebook) and too many bribes. But when it comes to music, TV, communication, and creativity in general – are our perceptions of China totally off base? And for that matter, what are modern Chinese people’s perceptions of America and our culture?

Today, we mull these questions over with two Americans who’ve lived off-and-on in China for a combined total of over thirty years.  

Jeremy Johnston is a member of the Chinese rap group Yin Tsang, one of the first groups in China to rap in Chinese.

And Rachel DeWoskin starred in the hugely popular 1990s Chinese TV series “Foreign Babes in Beijing.” She’s also the author of the memoir, “Foreign Babes in Beijing” – which is now being adapted for HBO.