Poll Shows Cuomo's Honeymoon, Lingering Doubts about Legislature

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Newly-minted Governor Andrew Cuomo has a 70 percent approval rating, according to a Siena poll released Monday. He received overwhelmingly higher marks than the state legislature, which fewer than one in five New Yorkers trust to do the right thing for the state.

The poll suggests that the Governor's State of the State address went over well with voters. It remains to be seen if his budget address—sure to include painful cuts—will be as palatable.

What is striking is how much better the man in the state's top post looks compared to his legislature. Only 33 percent of New Yorkers put the State Senate in their good graces and even less, only 29 percent, have a favorable view of the Assembly. The past few years have not been kind to the legislature's reputation, and New Yorkers do not seem to be optimistic about their work this year.

“Nearly half of voters—including a majority of Democrats, women and downstaters—believe that in one year Cuomo will have succeeded in making Albany considerably less dysfunctional and getting Republicans and Democrats to work better together," Steven Greenberg of the Sienna Research Institute said in a statement. "However, a nearly equal number, 46 percent, think that Albany will still be way too dysfunctional, despite Cuomo’s good intentions," Greenberg concluded.