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Art and Design: From Bauhaus to Typography

The Bauhaus exhibit at MoMa has drawn huge crowds since opening in November. Check out our online tour of the show with curators Barry Bergdoll and Leah Dickerman.

MoMa's latest hit sticks to work created at the famed Bauhaus School during the years 1919-1933, when the avant-garde artists, architects and theorists who were part of the scene were hard at work with their experiments in design and aesthetics. Watch the audio slide show below, Bergdoll and his co-curator Leah Dickerman walk through some of their favorite pieces.

More architecture and design:

* Today at the Neighborhood Preservation Center in the East Village, photographer Lynn Saville will discuss her recent fascination with photographing urban landscapes at twilight and dawn.

* Learn about font fesign at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum from two leading type designers: Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones (yep, the brother).

* Closing soon: Blanca Muñoz's large scale sculptures pop up in public spaces in Madrid, adding to the architectural diversity of the city. Her smaller, etherial, plant-like sculptures are on display now at the Marlborough galery in Chelsea.