#3159: New Music from Finland

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Maria Kalanemi, accordion virtuoso

There’s music from Finland for this New Sounds, which is a musical hotbed of many genres: classical, folk, weirdly dressed heavy metal rock bands, and some of the less easily defined new music types.  We’ll hear from accordion virtuoso Maria Kalaniemi along with something else for accordion (& electronics) by Kimmo Pohjonen.  Plus, there’s also music by multi-instrumentalist Pekka Pohjola, who was best known as a bass player, of the jazz-inflected (maybe even proggy) variety.  We might also hear music by Einojuhani Rautavaara, and perhaps even  “Winter was Hard,” by composer Aulis Sallinen in a Kronos Quartet performance.   All that, and more.

PROGRAM #        3159, New Music from Finland                          (First aired on 1-13-11)                       





Pekka Pohjola

New Impressionist

Try to Remember [7:12]

Breakthru #7.
Out of print

Kimmo Pohjonen & Samuli Kosminen (Kluster)

Music composed for “Keskusteluja” performance

Matta [5:35]

Is a limited edition EP.  Try writing to info@digelius.com

Kronos Quartet, San Francisco Girls Choir, Earl L.Miller, reed organ

Winter Was Hard

Aulis Sallinen: Winter Was Hard [1:40]

Nonesuch 79181

Einojuhani Rautavaara

The Myth of Sampo

Grant, O Jumala, Creator... [4:04]

Ondine #842.** www.ondine.fi or available on Amazon.com*

Martti Pokela

Snow Kantele

Pollati poro lullati / Reindeer Lullaby [5:35]

Finlandia/Innovator #19052
Out of print. Try Amazon.com*

Anna-Kaisa Liedes  

Oi Miksi

Sandran laulu  [3:31]

Riverboat Records TUGCD1009
Out of print, but try Amazon.com



Seelinnikoi [3:41]

Green Linnet 4006
Out of print, but try through Varttina’s site:


Karelia Visa

Ukkonen/Thunder God [5:31]

Northside 6025
www.noside.com OR download from iTunes



Illa (Hardly) [5:43]

Zen CD 2055
Out of print, but try Amazon.com or download from iTunes

Maria Kalaniemi


Linjärv [4:57]

Olarin Musiikki OMCD 57 / Hannibal HNCD 1396
Out of print, but try Amazon.com