Belly Dancers in Detroit

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While the economy decays, there's no shortage of work for belly dancers in Detroit. The city has one of the largest Arab populations outside of the Middle East and a vast network of dancers. Martina Guzman explores the belly dance scene and the conflicts the community has about their own young women performing publicly.

Music Playlist

  1. Belly Dance!

    Artist: George Abdo
    Album: The Best of George Abdo and His Flames of Araby Orchestra
    Label: Smithsonian Folkways
  2. Bilaadi

    Artist: Natacha Atlas
    Album: Gedida
    Label: Mantra
  3. Nubian

    Artist: Raquy and the Caveman
    Album: Jordan
    Label: Meef Records
  4. Yerazner

    Artist: Sean Blackman
    Album: In Transit
    Label: Complex Records