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Snapshots: From the NYC Underground to the Motor City

“Bande à Part” is a photography exhibit dedicated to the fabled New York music underground.

The Clic Gallery’s new show documents the city’s raucous rock 'n' roll past. It includes images from Warhol’s Factory, shots taken inside and outside CBGB’s, and a taste of '80s rebellion. What makes this show different from the “Who Shot Rock and Roll” show at the Brooklyn Museum is that all the photographers here were also participants in the scene.

Watch the video below to hear co-curator and photographer Roberta Bayley talk about how on-the-scene access led her to shoot iconic images (like her Ramones shot, above).

The show also includes work from Billy Name (who painted Warhol's Factory silver), Leee Black Childers, Stephanie Chernikowski, Marcia Resnick and the singular Godlis. The opening party for the show was jam-packed with the old guard -- check out flickr extraordinaire Randsom’s shots here.

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In Other News:

At Yancy Richardson, Andrew Moore uses Detroit architecture to explore history, culture and time.

At Jack Shainman, Richard Mosse explores aviation wreckage, war ruins and more – from Iraqi battlefields and ruined palaces to bullet-riddled trucks and disaster-preparation test-landscapes.

At Yossi Milo, check out Robert Bergman's travels in the U.S. in the 1980s and '90s. He photographed the people he met using only available light.