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Momofuku's David Chang Microwaves Eggs, Gives Hope to Slackers Everywhere

Not many people dare to explore the full depths of the WNYC staff fridge. Except one brave chef: David Chang.

The gastronautical hero and Momofuku mastermind visited the WNYC offices as a guest of the Leonard Lopate Show. He’s making the rounds to promote his new cookbook, Momofuku.

The chef swung by our company break-room after the show, dangerously close to lunch hour. We asked him for advice on an easy meal we could scrape together, given our rather limited options and lack of time. Chang graciously offered to whip something up.

The PBJ upgrade began with Chang rummaging around for anything semi-edible. He found some eggs, a little sausage, Ponzu sauce and some pats of pre-packaged butter. (Special thanks to the rightful owner of these ingredients. We’ll pay you back, promise!) Chang mixed it all together using a stray plastic fork he unearthed in a drawer. He dumped it all into a coffee cup and microwaved the sucker – a move more expected from a drunk college kid than a celebrity chef.

But never underestimate the power of hot eggs and meat. David Chang’s quick creation — aptly named the “Lopate Scramble” — was delicious and simple replicate at home. I think we found our new instant ramen.

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How to Make The “Lopate Scramble”

-2 eggs
-Random meat of choice, chunked
-Ponzu sauce or salt
-1-2 pats of pre-packed butter

1. Stir eggs together.
2. Add in meat chunks, a dash of Ponzu and a pat of butter.
3. Pour mixture into butter-lined cup.
4. Microwave for about 30 seconds, give or take.
5. Turn the cup upside-down on a plate for a JELL-O mold effect, and voila!

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