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Jobless numbers are the highest levels in decades and there's been little good news for people who find themselves without work. But, believe it or not, there is still such a thing as a growth industry. It's just a matter of knowing which doors you need to get a foot into. Share your tips for finding work in a down economy. Leave a comment below, call 1-877-8-MY-TAKE or email us at

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Marissa Gonzalez says:
I'm a currently employed recruiter/human resources manager who has just joined a new service to help provide interview coaching for those who need to improve their interviewing skills, which launches next week. So, via webcam, people can interview with HR professionals and receive feedback and coaching on how to improve so that they perform better on the interviews they go on. For so many who've not interviewed in years, it's a very smart way to gain practice, learn about how companies interview today, and have an edge on getting offered a job!

Carol Van Kirk says:
I'm president of the NJ Chapter of the Society for Technical Communicators. We are in the process of developing a job board for internal communication specifically targetted at the "hidden" job market and job seekers.

Kirsten says:
A friend and I are starting a business called Up-Cycle, (or the art of the "frugalista") in Beacon, NY. The idea is that lots of women cannot afford to buy new clothes for themselves or their families, but we will update their clothes.

Sue says:
I'm a 51-year-old professional who has worked in the private sector for the last 28 years. I recently took a position in the government. The government is looking for "baby boomers" with experience. I must say the government really needs qualified people. Go to Also go to "A Golden Opportunity: Recruiting Baby Boomers Into Government."

Willie from New Bedford  "Nepotism always works!" (4/29/2009)

  "Taking the time to see what the company is about" (4/30/2009)

  "Suffer the indignity of a job beneath your station." (4/30/2009)

John from Rhode Island  "Go someplace and volunteer." (4/30/2009)

Mary from Michigan  "...people strive to create their own work." (4/30/2009)