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Susie Essman's Tips To Avoid Getting The Flu

Susie Essman is not a doctor.  She doesn't even play one on TV. The comedienne is better known for her bossy "f@#K #$&" smackdowns on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as "Susie Green."

Though, Essman is a self-proclaimed hypochondriac in real life – practically the next best thing to a professional diagnostician. And cheaper, too! Leave it to a hypochondriac to painstakingly figure out what deadly diseases you probably have (but just don't know it yet).

Her dad used to be a M.D., so she picked up a lot of quirky facts along the way. She details these experience and accompanying phobias in her new book, What Would Susie Say?.

This week, she came into WNYC as a guest on the Leonard Lopate Show. We asked her how to avoid getting sick –- or worse, getting the swine flu.

Three words: Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.