Branding Songzhuang

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Some years back, a group of artists were hounded out of Beijing by authorities. Some went to Songzhuang village, a farming town an hour away. Now, that village is a boomtown –- based on the market for contemporary Chinese art. Communist officials drink beer with bohemians. Will the rising tide raise all the artists’ boats –- or capsize them? Jocelyn Ford goes to Songzhuang to find out.

Music Playlist

  1. Main Title Theme

    Artist: David Byrne/artist>
  2. Emperor's Main Course in Cantonese

    Artist: Kid Koala
    Album: Scratchcratchratchatch
    Label: Ninja Tune
  3. The Pipa

    Artist: Hsu Po-Yun
    Album: With Six Composers
    Label: Avant Japan