Skiers and Snowboarders Are Celebrating the Snow

Drive out of the city a few hours toward the Catskills and the mood about another snow storm coming to New York is decidedly more upbeat than it may be in the city.

Skiers and snowboarders are celebrating the early season snow accumulation.

Jessica Pezak with the Hunter Mountain Ski resort says the light, flaky snow is rare and ideal.

"In the Northeast, we really don't get a lot of powder. You feel safer, you feel more buffered by the snow and it's a totally different style of skiing," said Pezak.

Pezak said the snowfall so far feels more like the powder found in the Rockies. That's also helped business.

We're expecting a really busy upcoming weekend and we've seen a lot of people," said Pezak.

Reservations at the more than 50-year-old resort are up from last year, she said, especially because the snowfall has coincided with the winter holidays.