Sen. Lautenberg: NJ Governor Using Transit Funds "As a Fix" to Problems

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New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg accused Gov. Chris Christie of using money that would have gone to the nation's biggest transit project as "a fix for his political problems."

Christie, who killed a $9 billion commuter rail project under the Hudson River last Fall, is planning to use some of the funds that had been designated for the ARC tunnel elsewhere.

He plans to use the money to pay for roads and said he is more fiscally responsible than his predecessors. But Lautenberg said the governor was using the funds as "a fix for his political problems."

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a pro-transit group, sadi the plan does provide some money for transit but gives "little solace to riders" in a year when transit fares went up 22 percent and service was cut. 

Christie said his plan means better roads and less relying on debt. For the full story, go to