Obama Administration: Who's In, Who's Out

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It's A Free Country tracks the departing, new, and remaining White House positions.

IN - William Daley has been tapped to be the new chief of staff. The former administration Commerce Secretary under Clinton, son of former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and brother of current Chicago Mayor, Richard M. Daley, his move to the administration from JP Morgan Chase drew praise from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

( US Department of Commerce )

IN - Gene Sperling was named as incoming chairman of the National Economic Council. Sperling, who served in the Clinton administration, currently is a top adviser to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. 

( Pete Souza )

IN - Holly Petraeus (wife of Army General Petraeus) will take on a new role at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Implementation Team, in charge of the establishment of a new Office of Servicemember Affairs.

( Maj. Paul Haverstick )

IN - James Cole, who comes from private practice at Bryan Cave LLP and was previously an official with the United States Department of Justice, also previously served under Clinton as part of a transition team overseeing the Department of Justice. Cole's nomination experienced delays due to controversial statements Cole made regarding the 9/11 attacks.

( Bjoertvedt )

OUT - During his tenure, outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker advocated for tighter regulations of Wall Street in response to the financial crisis, but was limited in policy influence as chairman of the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

( europeanpeoplesparty )

OUT – Outgoing chairman of the National Economic Council Lawrence Summers also served in the Clinton administration, and has announced his intention to return to Harvard. 

( United States Department of Treasury )

OUT - Senior adviser David Axelrod plans to leave the White House in order to help run the campaign for President Obama's reelection.

( Newshour )

OUT - White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has said it was a “remarkable privilege” to serve at the White House, but he is now ready to "step back a little bit and recharge some." He is leaving to open an outside consulting firm, but will continue to advise the president from the private sector.

( Pete Souza )

OUT - Interim Chief of Staff Peter Rouse, who recommended incoming Chief of Staff Daley, will stay at the White House as a counselor to the president.

( The Official White House Photostream )

OUT - Peter Orszag, former director of the Office of Management and Budget, stepped down from his cabinet post last July, to write for The New York Times op-ed page. He later joined Citigroup as vice chairman of its investment-banking division. He was replaced by State Department official Jacob Lew.

( Unknown )

OUT - Dr. Christina Romer, former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, left the White House in August to return to the University of California at Berkeley. She was replaced by Austan Goolsbee, a member of the council.

( Obama-Biden Transition Project )

OUT - Former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel left the White House in October and is working on a run for mayor of his native Chicago.  

( Office of United States Congressman Rahm Emmanuel )