Annie Proulx on Her Memoir Bird Cloud

Friday, January 07, 2011

Annie Proulx talks about her new memoir, Bird Cloud, her first work of nonfiction in more than twenty years, about 640 acres of Wyoming wetlands and prairie and on the North Platte River. She tells the story of building a house there and discusses the natural history and archaeology of the region.


Annie Proulx

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Mrs Jessica Simpson from Swindon UK

Well .. Here in the UK we've just been listening to excepts of her book on radio 4 and whilst I found it interesting I was amazed that she was such so naive about the whole process of house building! and location?

She seems to have been blinkered on the whole process?

We didn't hear the bit about the floor being buckled, but did have the section were she threw everyone out of her house one night and ‘put their noses out of joint!’

I found the [abridged] audio book enthralling to such and extent that I wanted to see the floor plan, but alas, it's not available anywhere?

The tin roof in particular fascinated me, and I can just about see it from the pictures on the web sites that carry the story of her house being ‘for sale’ … It actually exists! … And it’s a red corrugated tin roof! ... Is that what most houses out there are roofed with?

Utterly brilliant story, but an utterly self deprecating series of events!

The world it seems, revolves around the author alone, but that said! This book is worth a read and does encroach of the inner workings of a human being. If that’s your bag! … Then it’s worth a read, as I suppose her other books are.

Rgds Jessy UK.

Mar. 05 2011 03:49 PM
Lois from NYC

She said Quebec is not interestED.

Even to someone who lives half in NYC and half in remote Wyoming, this is a pretty boring segment. Lots of people build houses out there; I guess we're supposed to care about her snowplowing and her architect just because she's a good writer.

Jan. 07 2011 02:44 PM
Annick from New York, NY

Being French Canadian, I listened with great interest to Annie Proulx's comments about feeling rootless. Did she say that Québec was not interesting for her or that it was not interested in her?

Jan. 07 2011 01:50 PM
Harry from NJ Today

Reverse osmosis for the house, that is extremely energy intensive! But no wind power because she's worried about the birds? What a hoot! Environmental hypocrisy from an "environmentalist"- what else is new!

Jan. 07 2011 01:24 PM

I suppose this could be an interesting segment...but it's not. Why should I care that she built a house in Wyoming?

Jan. 07 2011 01:22 PM
S Block from NYC

Annie Proulx... and lobster stew?

ah, that's an old reference from a different public radio affiliate. sorry, i guess you had to be there.

Jan. 07 2011 01:02 PM

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