Airlines Offer Free Rebooking on Area Flights Ahead of Storm

With a second snow storm looming, several airlines are inviting passengers leaving from the Northeast region to rebook this weekend's travel at no charge.

Last week's blizzard halted thousands of flights, with many passengers left waiting for days at area airports, and others not given flight options for almost a week.

Now, hoping to avoid a repeat of that scenario, many airlines are reaching out to passengers and inviting them to rebook now -- waiving all the customary fees. JetBlue, Continental, American, and United via their Twitter feeds have invited weekend fliers to rebook now and avoid possible long airport waits.

Delta has advised its customers to check for storm-related delays and cancellations. 

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said its making no special plans for cancellations, but a spokesman said the airports have equipment and material "at the ready."

This week's storm is expected to deliver several inches of snow.