Bloomberg's Snowpocalypse: The Animation, in Taiwanese

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A new viral video entitled "Bloomberg Blamed for Mishandling Snowpocalypse" is making the rounds online in a segment that takes jabs at the city's blizzard response with the help of strangely compelling CGI animation.

Taiwanese outlet NMA created the animated video that shows the Statue of Liberty collapsing as the Mayor bumbles his way through the snow storm -- dodging snowballs pelted by angry residents -- in stark contrast to the heroic second mayor (Newark Mayor Cory Booker), who can do no wrong. 

The segment also takes aim at sanitation workers who are shown goofing off and making snowmen while on the job. The video ends on an ominous note comparing New York to Newark, with the commentator asking, "Will this Tale of Two Cities turn into Bloomberg's Katrina?" as the mayor jets past a smoldering city.

Here's the English-language version.