How much information is too much information?

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A lot of information is available online. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or your blog, there may be some details about your life that you don't want your kids to know about. Where do you draw the line? Or has a parent told you something that you wish they hadn't?

What's your take? Listen to the best comments after the jump, or leave a comment below.
  "I don't think parents tell their kids enough..." (4/8/2009)

Matt from MI  "...when their children wanted to experiment with drugs, they told their mom and dad 'well, you did it.'" (4/8/2009)

Kwame from Brooklyn, NY  "...I'm an only child and I always wished for a brother or sister..." (4/8/2009)

  "So, TMI from parents..." (4/8/2009)