#3154: Accordion & Harmonium Dance Party

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Traditional harmonium played in Manhattan apartment

There's music for free reed aerophone instruments on this New Sounds program.  Free what?  Well, that’s just the nerdy way to reference a family of instruments that involves forcing air through reeds, like accordions and harmoniums.  These appear in many different world music traditions, from the Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan in India, to the Argentinian bandoneon used in tango music to taraab music (wedding music) of Zanzibar (off of Tanzania.)

Also, these free reed aerophones crop up in Khen music from Thailand, Celtic music from Ireland, and in the Cajun tradition as well.  If that hasn't left you exhausted from spinning around the globe, we'll finish the hour by listening to Hindi film song, plus music from Bosnia, Madagascar, and Finland, for good measure.

PROGRAM #        3154, Free Reed Aerophones                             (First aired on 1-4-11)                                                         





Penguin Café Orchestra

Broadcasting From Home

Music for a Found Harmonium [3:00]

EG Records 38
Most PCO albums are on the EG label and are available online: www.penguincafe.com

Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan

Roots Travellers

Banno [3:48]

World Village 450014

Various Artists: Kikundi cha Sanaa za Maonesho Zanzibar 

The Music of Zanzibar - Taarab 3

Mbaya Kufanya Jema [4:17]

Ace Records / GlobeStyle Records 040

3 Mustaphas 3

Heart of Uncle

Awara Hoon [3:19]

Rykodisc #20156. Try Amazon.com* or download from Amazon.co.uk  or Emusic.com

Kalesijski Svuci

Bosnian Breakdown

Ako Zelis Mene [3:27]

Ace Records / Globestyle Records 074

Various Artists: Chawiwan Damnoen (Thailand)

Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices of Asian Women

Lam Klon: Wai Khru [2:27]

Shanachie 66015

Maria Kalaniemi

Maria Kalaniemi

Skymningspolskan [3:49]

Green Linnet 4013 / Olarin Muslikki Oy
Out of print, but try www.digelius.com

Cathy Jordan with Dervish

Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices of Celtic Women

Peata Beag (Little Pet) [4:31]

Shanachie 78011


Best of Beausoleil


Parlez nous a boire, non pas de marriage [3:35]

Arhoolie Records 458
Or download from Emusic.com

Vonina Voko

A World Out Of Time, Vol. 2- Henry Kaiser & David Lindley in Madagascar

Voninavoko [3:24]

Shanachie 64048

Tiger Lillies w/ Kronos Quartet

The Gorey End

Weeping Chandelier [2:53]

EMI / Hors d’oeuvres #57513
*  Available at Amazon.com

Astor Piazzola

Tango Zero Hour

Tanguedia III [4:39]

Pangea/ IRS 42138, orig. released as American Clave #42138
Available for download at Amazon.com*

The Klezmatics

Rise Up! Shteyt oyf!

Yo Ribbon Olam, excerpt [4:00]

Rounder 11661-3197-2