MTA Touts Gate-Less Tolls on WNYC

The NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority is spending $13,000 to support WNYC programming.

The language of the so-called underwriting credit tells listeners:

"WNYC is supported by the MTA. This January the gates come off of E-ZPass lanes at the Henry Hudson Bridge. Gateless tolling is the first step in an MTA pilot program to bring cashless, all-electronic toll collection to the bridge within a year. More information at m-t-a dot info."

The NY Thruway Authority has already installed gate-less tolling on parts of NY's Thruway upstate so cars don't have to break their 65-mph speed. Colorado and several other states also have gate-less toll collection that relies on license-plate reading to bill drivers.

The Henry Hudson Bridge connects Manhattan and the Bronx. The plan is to eliminate all cash payments at the bridge and collect tolls only by E-ZPass or snapping pictures of license plates and sending a bill to drivers by the end of the year.

The MTA said it routinely budgets money for telling the public about changes to service.

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