2010 in Your Words

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We asked, you wrote. There were 327 six-word phrases submitted in our Sum Up 2010 challenge. And while we're mostly interested in hearing your perspectives on the year, looked at in total, these phrases give us a good idea of what 2010 meant for many of us. To visually show you the wisdom of the crowd, we've created a word cloud—an image that shows the 75 most repeated words in your submitted phrases, with the size of the word proportional to how frequently it was used. Judging from the image below, it's hard to deny the influence that President Obama continued to exert in 2010—but the relative size of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party shows that this frequency might be due more to political fracturing than political unity. Lady GaGa, the BP oil spill, China, and, of course, the economy, were also well-represented by your phrases. Check out the image below and let us know what you think—does this seem like a good summary of 2010? What do you think was left out? And, of course—tell us your predictions for 2011!

Six-Word Word Cloud