Gig Alert: Rubblebucket

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“Triangular Daisies”
Playing at: Le Poisson Rouge
(158 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village)
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Rubblebucket isn’t your average horn band. The Burlington, Vermont born, Brooklyn-based band was founded with the idea of making indie-pop with interesting horn arrangements and Rubblebucket has achieved exactly that.

The band is fronted by trumpet player Alex Toth and saxophone player Kalmia Traver, who also sing the lead vocals, and they’re known to field as many as ten people on stage in their live shows.

This track, "Triangular Dasies", is the title track off the eponymous album, and while it doesn’t feature the horns as much as other of the band's recordings, its 8-bit synths, reggae beat and layered vocal harmonies combine to create a sound that is truly unique.