Going Negative

Friday, December 31, 2010

Barbara Ehrenreich, journalist, activist and author of Nickel and Dimed and Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking is Undermining America, discusses the current mood in the country and what she sees as an unwarranted obsession with optimism.


Barbara Ehrenreich

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LB from Far Rockaway

Steve from Dallas seems to have missed the point entirely. His attitude is exactly what Ms. Ehrenreich was talking about.

Of course this positive attitude nonsense fits into people's ideas of rugged individualism which allows them to feel less guilty about not actually doing anything to help their fellow man while helping those who would only aid the rich but I digress.

It wasn't covered in this interview but this attitude of delusional positive thinking also seems to seep into job seeking. The reason you're not finding a job isn't because the economy is awful and there's 6 people looking for every job put out there. You weren't "positive" enough and your unemployment and subsequent destitution is your own fault.

Always nice to her from Ms. Ehrenreich

Jan. 01 2011 02:42 PM
Steve Dallas from NJ

I am sending this info to The Amazing Kreskin, perhaps he would be allowed to rebuff Barbara. I saw his show in Vegas during which he took some time to discuss the power of positive thinking. Met him after the show and asked him to expand. His perspective makes a lot of sense, encouraged me and actually helped changed my philosophy in many areas, quite profound. Then I saw his book, Mental Power is Real and wow! His the antithesis of her. Positive is the way to go! Happy New Year!

Dec. 31 2010 11:51 AM
Katie from Huntington, NY

Finally, I can say it, thanks to Barbara Ehrenreich. I am so over the pink ribbon thing with breast cancer. Everywhere one turns it's all about breast cancer and the stories of the survivors and the not so lucky ones who haven't survived. Then I have guilt because obviously the focus has helped fund research for a cure, and I have been fortunate so far not to suffer the malady, but I live with the fear of well, it's not if I get it but when I get it. I know two friends who have faced it optimistically and neither survived. Then there's always Elizabeth Edwards. It's just a fear I don't want to face, and it's shoved in my face all the time.

Dec. 31 2010 10:47 AM

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