Paterson Regrets Not Talking to Victim's Family

Governor Paterson says that in retrospect, he should have spoken to the victim's family before commuting the sentence of John Harris White yesterday.

White is the black man convicted in a racially charged shooting death of a white teenager, Daniel Cicciaro, on Long Island in 2006.

At a press conference Friday, Paterson said he spoke with Cicciaro's family that morning for nearly an hour.

"I would have not have changed my mind about the decision I made, but without going into detail, there were some issues that were raised by Mrs. Cicciaro that I will think about over the holidays," he said.

White was convicted of manslaughter for shooting the 17-year-old Cicciaro after he and his friends feuded with White's then 19-year-old son. White referred to the crowd that gathered in front of his home as a lynch mob.

White was released yesterday after serving five months.